With the collaboration feature in Enscale, multiple users can work on the same environments while having separate logins and access to the Enscale dashboard. There is no limit on the number of environments you can share or people you can collaborate with.

Step 1 - Sending the invitation

To invite someone to collaborate on your account, simply click the Collaborator button on your main dashboard, enter their email address and click Invite.

The invitation is sent via email and contains a link to accept the collaboration. Clicking on the link sends the user to a page to set their Enscale password. Once this is done, their account is created and the collaboration status is established. You will receive an email notification immediately and can log in to the dashboard to share environments.

Step 2 - Setting the account permissions

On the account level a collaborator can either be viewer or admin. This permission defines whether the user is allowed to create environments on your behalf or not. By default all collaborators are added as viewers. To change this setting, click on the arrow to expand the dropdown. Select the desired permission to set it and click Save.

Step 3 - Sharing environments

Your collaborators will have access to their own Enscale dashboard, so they will only see the environments that you share with them (or they create for you).

To share environments with a collaborator, from the Collaborators menu click on Environments next to the collaborator.

This will open up a list of all your environments. Use the arrow to expand and collapse permissions for any specific environment. You can change permission to multiple environments at the same time, just don't forget to save your changes at the end.

Your collaborator will receive an email for each shared environment.

Your collaborator will be able to see the shared environments the same way you do in your dashboard, but under the Environments owned by ... header. The Add new environment option under this header only appears if they have an Admin role on your account.

You will be able to keep track of actions performed by your collaborators by viewing the Audit log.

Sharing permissions

To fully understand what your collaborators will be able to do on your account / environments please see the below tables.

Permission based on user role (Admin vs Viewer)
Owner Admin Viewer
Create environment (shared account) image alt=no-pad image alt=no-pad image alt=no-pad
Create environment (own account) image alt=no-pad image alt=no-pad image alt=no-pad
Manage collaborators image alt=no-pad image alt=no-pad image alt=no-pad

img alt=float-left

environment creation for own account is only allowed if the user you're collaborating with has a full Enscale account

Permission based on environment access (No access / Limited access / Full access)
Owner Full access Limited access No access
Start environment
Stop environment
Delete environment
Clone environment
Restart environment nodes
Deploy code: archive (saving own archives only)
Deploy code: git repo
FTP/FTPS access
SSH/SFTP access
Adjust cloudlet limits(vertical scaling)
Add/remove servers (nodes) from an environment
Node password reset emails
Configure auto horizontal scaling
Receive horizontal scaling notifications
View horizontal scaling history
Receive load alert notifications
Edit server configuration files
View server logs
View server resource usage
Manage domain binding
Manage custom SSL