MySQL CE variables

Here is a list of pre-defined environment variables on MySQL CE database nodes. These are mostly informational only, meaning that editing them will not change your environment's configuration.

To add your own environment variables follow the steps outlined in our feature description article: Environment Variables.

ENV VAR Value (example) Description Informational only
MYSQL_VERSION 8.0.19 Current template version for MySQL CE. Yes
DOCKER_EXPOSED_PORT 21,22,25,3306,7979,80 List of ports opened via container firewall during environment creation. Yes
PATH /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin List of paths for directories with executable program files, default shell variable. Yes
PHPMYADMIN_VERSION 4.9.1 Installed version of PHPMyAdmin. Yes
STACK_USER mysql The name of the stack’s default user. Yes
STACK_VERSION 8.0.19 Version of the current stack. Yes
ADMINPANEL_ENABLED true Allow (true) or disable use (false) of PHPMyAdmin admin panel. No
ON_ENV_INSTALL A script (or link to it) to be executed after environment creation. Yes
MASTER_IP MySQL CE master node's IP. Yes
MASTER_ID 217691 ID of the MySQL CE master node Yes
MASTER_HOST node217691 Short hostname for the MySQL CE master node. Yes