In Enscale, you can create a list of commands to be executed by rake immediately after deployment or after a server restart.

For commands to be executed after deployment, you will need to create your rake_deploy file and place it in your project’s root folder (archive or git repository). Once the deployment is finished, rake will read your rake_deploy file and it will execute the commands in the order of their listing. After the commands are executed, the rake_deploy file is deleted from the server, however you can see the results in the rake_deploy.log file.

Enscale also checks for a rake_deploy file each time the application node is restarted; so if you need rake to perform additional commands, other than during the initial deployment (e.g. ad-hoc or during application updates) simply ensure the rake_deploy file is present in your application’s root folder on the server (you can add it from the file manager, via SSH or FTP(S)/SFTP) and restart the node. After having run the commands, the rake_deploy file is removed in this case as well.

What should my rake_deploy file look like?

Each command should be on a separate line:




For each line,rake $COMMAND_NAME_X is executed.

Ensure that the commands are listed in the appropriate order, as rake will execute them successively.