Your account

Here are some account-wide settings you should be aware of.

Email address

Your email address is used as your login to the Enscale dashboard as well as for communications related to your account (be those automatic like new environment creation, database password reset or from our team). To change the email address associated with your Enscale account, please email us.

Account details

When you upgrade your trial account, you're asked to fill out your account information (company name, address, phone number, VAT number etc). These details comprise your Enscale account details and will appear on all your invoices. If any of your account details change, send an email to our billing department with the changes and we will update the account details for you.

The updated account details will be reflected in future billing documents only, old invoices will not be reissued.

Gravatar image

Yes, we have Gravatar integration! You can use this for fun, or in case you collaborate with other users - your gravatar is shown for environments you own. Tell us where would you find Gravatars useful and we'll try our best to make it happen.

SSH keys

These are keys that give you access to your account and environments over SSH, or keys that give your Enscale account access to other platforms (such as Git). We have an entire section dedicated to SSH access in Enscale.


From an account-wide point of view the most important about collaborators is the access level you grant them. When a collaborator is invited, the default access level is View access - they will be able to see any environment you share with them, but they won't be able to create one for you. If any of your collaborators need to be able to create environments as well, you can grant them Admin privileges. All other permissions are settled on the environment level. This article explains all you need to know about collaboration in Enscale.