Two-Factor Authentication

To activate two-factor authentication on your Enscale account, go to Manage Account then click Two-factor authentication from the left-hand side menu.

Enter your password, then click Start two-factor authentication.

You can use any 2FA application to scan the QR code. Enter the authentication code the app provides in Enscale and click Submit code.

Backup Codes

Once you set up 2FA, a list of backup codes is generated. These can be viewed in the dashboard on initial setup, or after a secondary password authentication on subsequent logins.

We strongly recommend that you create a copy of your backup codes in a secure location in case your primary authentication device becomes unavailable.

Each backup code can only be used once.

Disable 2FA

To disable two-factor authentication, simply return to the Two-Factor Authentication menu, enter your password for confirmation and click Deactivate 2FA.

Cannot log in

In case your two-factor authentication device is unavailable and you have no valid backup codes, contact our support team for assistance. Due to the nature of the request, a rigorous validation process will need to be completed prior to providing access to your Enscale account.