Trial Account

Usually, before you sign up for a trial, you always have to check your calendar: do I have time to test this propperly this week? Perhaps next week will work better...? Time limited trials add extra stress to your already busy life.

With Enscale, there is no time-limit. To eliminate the pain of "having to do it now" as well as to allow you to experience the pay-as-you-go billing model fully, when you sign up for an Enscale trial, you receive a credit of £10 to use at will. We offer another £20 for completing the Quickstart app which will give you a quick overview of the most important Enscale features.

When you create your first environment, you will start to be charged each our for the resources consumed by that environment, namely:

  • cloudlet usage (RAM + CPU)
  • disk space (if you use over 10GB per environment)
  • traffic (above the 2GB/h provided)

While the total £30 credits will last for about a month for a small application, you can prolong your trial period even more by stopping your environments when you're not using them. Stopped environments don't consume RAM or CPU and there is no traffic to them, hence no charges (unless you exceed the disk space allowance).

As this is a trial account, we had to impose some feature limitations mainly to prevent AUP violations - for example you will not have access to a public IP address and there is a limited number of environments you can create. While these shouldn't interfere with your ability to try out Enscale in most scenarios, if the limitations are too restrictive for you, open a support ticket and we can discuss your usecase.

If you're satisfied with Enscale and you want to unlock all the features, you can upgrade your account simply by completing a £5 payment. You won't lose any of the credits remaining from your trial either!

Don't have a trial account yet? Go to and sign up now!