Account types

There are three basic account types with Enscale: trial, billing and collaborator account, each with their own set of permissions and limitations.

Trial account

This is the type of account you are most likely to have when diving into Enscale PaaS. While trial accounts have a lot of the features available during the trial period, there are of course some limitations to prevent abuse. Should you require a less restrictive trial, don't hesitate to email us with more details about your project and requirements for it - we are known to be flexible ;)

Billing account

Billing accounts are the full-blown accounts users have with Enscale after submitting their first payment (see upgrade). All of the Enscale features are unlocked, however, there are reasonable limitations to certain resources. These limitations are in place mostly because going above the resources is unlikely to be the best solution for your application. If you hit any of these limits, just send us an email and together work out the optimal way to move forward (be that increasing the resources or a different option).

Collaborator account

These accounts are created by sending an invitation from your Enscale dashboard to people you'd like to give access to to your environments. A collaborator account is completely free, however, users with this type of account cannot create their own environments. (Collaboration is possible with billing account owners as well - in that case, the account will be still considered a billing account for all intents and purposes of this article.) To learn more about the collaboration feature, read our feature description article.

Account limits

Feature Trial Billing Collaborator
Number of environments 4 1000 0
Maximum nodes per environment 6 48 N/A
Maximum same type nodes per environment 2 16 N/A
Disk space per node 20GB 200GB N/A
Cloudlets per node 32 256 N/A
Public IPv4 No Yes N/A
Shared SSL Yes Yes N/A
Custom SSL/Let's Encrypt No Yes N/A
SSH access Yes Yes Owner defined permission
FTP access No Yes Owner defined permission