You can easily access your application or database nodes via FTP to upload or download resources, log files, modify configuration files, or sync them.

You can connect using plain FTP, or FTP secured with SSL (FTPS) which encrypts both your login details (username and password) and content, for higher security.

FTP connection requires a public IP address on the node that you wish to connect to. If your node doesn’t have one already, it will be added automatically when you activate FTP.

Install FTP on your nodes

Step 1

Select the Connect tab on your preferred node type.

Step 2

Click Add FTP. If some nodes of the type you selected do not have a public IP enabled, you will need to confirm that you understand that network traffic will be interrupted and wish to add the required IP addresses by clicking Install.

Step 3

You will receive a notification email with your username and password. You are able to reset your password anytime by clicking Reset password

Step 4 - Uninstall

If you wish to uninstall FTP, you can do so easily by going to the Connect tab and selecting Remove FTP.

Connect to your nodes via FTP

In this example, we will be using FileZilla, however the connection details and process should be the same regardless of the FTP client you use.

Step 1

Create the New Site in FileZilla

Step 2

Get your FTP connection details from the Enscale dashboard > Environment > Node > Connect.

Step 3

Enter the connection details into the General tab of the New Site connection details and click Connect.

You can choose between FTP or FTPS connection by selecting the appropriate Encryption setting.

We recommend using FTPS connection for higher security.

Step 4

Accept the certificate by clicking OK for FTPS connection.

Step 5

That’s all there is to it. Now you can manage your files easily using your FTP client.