Introduction to Enscale

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What is Enscale?

Enscale is the product of years of listening to customers and incorporating their needs into an advanced PaaS.

It was carefully crafted by our expert engineers to bring you a powerful and flexible solution to host your applications in the Cloud. Built on top of Jelastic PaaS, the highly reliable functionality is paired with an easy to understand UI for a smooth experience. While initially intended to support multiple languages, we narrowed our focus down to one: Ruby. This way Ruby developers and their needs have our full and undivided attention and we can really work together to create a great hosting platform and community.

Why you should use Enscale

Enscale offers an easy and fast way for you to deploy and run your scalable web application, whether monolithic or a complex microservice architecture.

With our intuitive dashboard, building the most complex server topologies is a breeze. You can use almost any technology stack you wish, and combine them to suit your application’s needs perfectly. These environments are preconfigured based on repeatedly tested best practices, so if you are new to the business, you can ensure that you receive a working solution out of the box.

You have your own configuration preferences? We have you covered: with Enscale you can tune server config like postgresql.conf, httpd.conf, nginx.conf, my.cnf to your exact requirements. You can use multiple ways to deploy your applications. You can deploy via git, svn, archive, or plain SSH. You can have your entire team working on your application by sharing your environment with collaborator accounts.

You can set different permission levels, share different environments and also keep track of who has done what via the logs. Enscale offers automated horizontal and vertical scaling in order to ensure that your application always has access to all the resources it needs to run, but you will never be charged for resources you don’t use.