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  • Author: Andrea Rákosfalvy

  • Date published: 2/15/2021

  • Time to read: 10 minutes

The 2021 Ruby developer is overwhelmed by hosting platform choice. Kubernetes, Docker, Heroku, Digital Ocean and many more - ranging from complex options that consume days or weeks just to evaluate, down to a simple no-frills server that could leave you struggling to scale up and out as your project grows.

Whichever way you turn, the risk of making the wrong choice can be very costly, both in terms of money and that even more expensive commodity - time.

We've added Enscale to the mix as a top choice for Ruby hosting, but in keeping with our goal to save you time we've tried to explain below which Ruby developers Enscale is ideal for and which projects are better served elsewhere.

Server management

How much time and energy do you want to devote to building and maintaining your server stack? Do you have a team of sysadmins in your company to do that, and are they embedded into your dev team to get everything just how you need it, when you need it?

A lone developer working freelance or in a startup can gain a huge advantage by deploying to a managed platform - such as Enscale. The perceived benefits of a DIY server build are quickly consumed by hours of unbillable time washed away fighting with stubborn server problems.

On the other hand, if you're a developer in a Fortune 500, that Kubernetes stack your Ops team just deployed for you might be perfect for your needs. 

Using a managed platform means issues such as backups, secure server configuration, and OS patching needn't occupy your time; yet with Enscale you still have the option of getting your hands dirty with SSH access if you wish to customise configuration or need to get a proper look "under the hood" for some reason.

Available funds

If your Ruby app is your hobby, you probably prioritise cost over all else. Although you can save money by turning your Enscale environments off when you're not working on them, Heroku's free tier is quite likely to be a better option for your needs. 

However, if your app is a for-profit business venture of almost any kind - whether a startup's backend to a mobile app, or an established SaaS web application - you're likely to find Enscale's linear scaling refreshingly easy to work with, and its granularity a much more budget friendly way to grow than any alternative.

For smaller applications, where there is not a lot of movement, opting for a fix-sized small server will work just fine and end up cheaper - at least in the beginning. You may realize as you grow though, that the solution that was so clever and just what you needed won’t be enough and you need to scale up. When this moment comes, it can go one of two ways - your hosting provider already offers scaling options which meet your needs without breaking your commercial model (like if you’re hosting on Enscale), or they don’t and you end up paying much more for resources you don’t even need.

Enscale automatically scales each single server in 128MiB increments (up to 32GiB of RAM by default) - without making any changes to your code. You're charged for the exact amount of resources you use each hour. This incredibly granular automatic scaling model makes Enscale ideal for larger applications or apps with fluctuating resource usage, becoming a real money-saver solution opposed to some of our competitors where you have to double what you have both in resources and cost even when all you need is just a little more. 


This may not seem as important as the previous two aspects I mentioned but just think about the times when you wished you could have that one small extra feature. Or when you kept looking at your emails waiting for someone from the support team to reply to a ticket you’ve sent as the clock kept ticking away. The significance of being treated as a partner by your hosting provider can be priceless. 

The quality of support at Layershift has always been a source of pride for us and we maintain a strong and fair work-ethic to ensure that our customers are treated exactly the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Our commitment is strong, to the point where support response times are also included in our SLA and we’re prepared to pay for any deviance from our high standards. 

When developing Enscale further, we don’t want to purely develop for our “users”. We hope to achieve a partnership with everyone who trusts us to host their project and keep improving Enscale based on actual feedback received. Our goal is to deliver functionality that Ruby developers need to host and maintain their application, and nobody knows that better than the people whose livelihoods depend on developing amazing Ruby applications.

In conclusion

Enscale is for you if you’re looking for a reliable partner to host your Ruby application, where your voice is not only heard but your opinion counts and is a beacon for the evolution of the platform you use. 

Enscale is for you if you want a scalable hosting solution where you pay fair according to the resources your application genuinely needs at any given time.

Enscale is for you if you prefer to leave sysadmin tasks to the experts while you keep doing what you are best at - be it working on awesome Ruby projects, or running your business - or both.

If the above doesn’t sound like you, no hard feelings. It only means that there probably is a more appropriate hosting solution for what you currently need out there and we wish you the best of luck!

In case you’re still unsure, we welcome you to tell us about your project and what you’re looking for in a hosting company to see if we’re a good fit.


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