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  • Author: Damien Ransome

  • Date published: 11/25/2020

  • Time to read: 3 min

This blog is about sharing our thoughts and passion; from all things digital to showing what Enscale itself can help you to achieve. Keep an eye on our blog so you don’t miss out on insights into who we are and what we hold dear.

Let me start by telling you a bit about Enscale. You’re probably wondering, at least I would... what Enscale actually is or who’s behind all this, but most of all: why should you care?

As you’re already on our website, you probably read the technical features and benefits of our new Ruby-focussed Platform as a Service.

I’m not going to repeat those details here; I’d rather share the underlying idea and tell you a bit more about the concept behind Enscale.

Behind the Cloud curtains 

We do everything with passion and attention to detail, laser-focussed on service quality since the very beginning.  Our aim is to help you achieve your goals, so we never stop working on delivering smarter and faster solutions that allow you to get and stay ahead.

Enscale is Layershift’s latest innovation for Ruby developers, aimed at providing an all-in-one platform that is both faster to use and more flexible, to deploy and scale web applications, allowing you to focus on building and delivering innovative technology.

Or to put it more simply, we want to help you to achieve more with fewer resources. Whether that means less time (faster), with a smaller budget - or ideally, both!

Your code != their code

Technology is evolving fast and the need to deploy and manage apps in the Cloud is increasing even faster. The problem is, not every app is the same; each is a unique snowflake, with its own unique needs. And it should be… you are "speaking" your language in your own way and it's right that you should be able to do so. It forms an essential part of the innovation process, and innovation demands a certain amount of freedom of expression. 

The headaches start when struggling to find that perfect platform: the one that embraces your code as it is; able to serve your app in the Cloud, no questions asked. 

Fitting into the Cloud box 

Hard to fit in a box

Each of the many solutions out there offer a different blend of stacks and solutions to power your project. You choose the one that best fits your requirements, make the necessary changes to your code, read a bunch of ‘’how to’’ articles and eventually manage to get your app up and running in the Cloud.

Everything looks great, problem solved, now you can go focus on your other projects that were supposed to be up and running ... yesterday. You fix some bugs, add some enhancements, push to production and, before you know it, your project is growing and evolving. 

Suddenly it dawns on you. The box that you worked so hard to fit in is no longer the perfect fit! In fact, now it's more like a prison cell; its walls enclosing and constraining your every move.

You try to adjust, make it work, but in the end what you need is just a completely different box. Trouble is, the different box has a different ideology. Now you have to stop innovating on your app and spend time you haven't really got to refactor everything - just so that it conforms to someone else's dreams.

Grow without boundaries with Enscale

Innovation flows when doing what you like and, most importantly, when you have the necessary time, resources, and freedom to focus on your goal. We want to help you with that. It's Enscale's raison d'être; an all-in-one platform with an added human touch by Layershift’s team of enthusiastic sysadmins, ready to help you to overcome Cloud’s varied challenges and power your growth.

Enscale is designed to provide the flexibility you need, in the way that you need it. You don’t have to change a thing; you create, Enscale delivers. 

It's no longer about fitting your application into the box, or even thinking outside of it - with Enscale, there is no constraining box to hold you back! Only the sweet freedom often promised yet seldom delivered by the Cloud.

Excited to see how it works?

We know that your biggest constraint is time, whether you’re a developer or busy running your company, and as you might have noticed, we’re not big fans of constraints. For that reason Enscale’s trial, unlike most in the industry, is not time-based. Instead we offer a £30 total hosting budget which you can spend on Enscale at your leisure. Nothing to lose, everything to win, so sign up today!


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