• Author: Andrea Rákosfalvy

  • Date published: 4/2/2020

  • Time to read: 2 min

When Enscale first started out, we had a specific goal in mind - to make developers' lives easier by offering a hosting platform that gives them the power they need but doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to use. Naturally, we did the best we could, based on the ideas and experiences we had, but eventually, the time came to ask two important questions: did we do well and what should we do to improve further?

I had the immense pleasure of talking to one of our very first beta testers back in October, Paul, who was kind enough to share his thoughts and impressions with us.

Paul works as a full-time dev on a web project and has a personal side project hosted on Heroku which he decided to try out in Enscale as well after finding out about our beta programme on Betabound (@betabound thank you once again for the feature).

[Enscale is] easier than AWS but not as easy as Heroku

His first impressions about Enscale were not necessarily what we’d hoped for - environment creation was a bit more complex than he was expecting, as we offer multiple server types (load balancer, application server, database, cache) and lots of flexibility. First food for thought for us - how can we make this more straightforward for users who need a simple topology without losing the power and flexibility for those cases that require it?

Ultimately though also referring to environment creation, Paul said:
“I just tried something and it worked” - now this is more like what we're aiming for.

We have some work to do on making deployment logs more accessible and a constant job is improving documentation. We also discussed a few bugs (glad to report that most are fixed already!)

A big positive in Enscale is more control over all instances, compared to Heroku, where all additional services are based on presets which cannot be changed. Especially when it comes to scaling, Enscale offers the option to scale vertically in a linear manner - you can increase max RAM allowance in 128MiB increments and pay accordingly.

“I think you have great potential”

I was overjoyed to hear that Paul feels we’re responsive to the feedback we receive (we were able to implement Environment variables feature within a week of his request), this is something we would love to be known for.

Paul, thank you for your faith in Enscale and in our team. Such amazing and detailed feedback is what will ultimately help us reach our goal of becoming a beloved hosting platform for developers.

PS: If you would like to have a say in how Enscale is developed, tell us what you would like to see and we'll do our best to make it happen!


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