Ruby hosting: Enscale or Jelastic?

  • Author: Andrea Rákosfalvy

  • Date published: 1/12/2021

  • Time to read: 4 min

Enscale PaaS is built on the Jelastic API. If you don’t know what Jelastic is, it’s probably due to the fact that they haven’t entered strongly in the Ruby hosting market as of yet, albeit they did make some waves among JRuby users.

So what is Jelastic?

Jelastic offers a flexible hosting platform for a variety of hosting languages. Easy scaling is their key strength - not just that you can do it, but that you're charged in a uniquely fair way according to the resources you actually use vs. the traditional cloud model of paying for what you ask for (but probably don't and even can't fully use). It started out as a platform purely for Java apps, being the first PaaS that solved the Java cloud scalability problem that pained developers. To this day Jelastic continues to be a leading hosting platform for Java applications, having won the coveted Duke's Choice Award twice already.

All the amazingness that Jelastic brought to the world of Java hosting was spread to other languages as well when they added support to PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and most recently GoLang.

Sure, you can host your Ruby app on Jelastic. Why shouldn’t you? After all, it’s a mature platform with a lot of nice features and an army of experienced developers working in the background to ensure a smooth hosting experience. Add to this that the requirements for hosting an application in the *cloud* is mostly the same for any language - server, method of deployment, ssh access for tweaking - there is no real obvious reason why you shouldn’t choose the Jelastic PaaS as a Ruby developer.

However, the magic that needs to happen on said servers is a whole different story. The core work and functionalities offered by the Jelastic dashboard will always stay true to satisfying Java developers’ needs first and foremost. The complexities that come with Java make certain processes awkward, to say the least, for other languages. Just think about needing a server solely for building and deploying the application to your actual server. The multitude of Java application nodes available all with their quirks also require a lot of attention and planning. With Enscale our goal is to bring what is the best in Jelastic, but tune it especially to the needs of Ruby developers.

What about Enscale?

Whilst for now, in the early stages, most Enscale functionality is very similar to what the Jelastic PaaS has to offer, we’ve already made improvements based on feedback received from our Jelastic customers over the past 8 years of hosting them. 

The main improvement is in the UI, of course. Our aim was to offer a more understandable user interface for an easier user experience, and whilst there is room for improvement (as with any UI), we hope that you’ll love our clean, crisp design. We’ve also made a point to provide user-friendly error messages and constant feedback from the UI on the actions you perform and their consequences. 

Our other initial goal was to provide more freedom while maintaining the security of the platform. We’ve unlocked the possibility of not using a load balancer in front of multiple application nodes, so you can choose to handle balancing with your own method - you can opt for a pre-configured load balancer from our stack, but you can also choose to handle balancing via your preferred CDN or even - should you wish - by means of DNS. 

Our future plans include adding further tools to work with Enscale, such as Grafana and/or Netdata for monitoring, Lsyncd for synchronization of horizontally scaled nodes, cron job handling from the dashboard and many more. 

What do You need?

However, the whole point of Enscale is to deliver the functionality that you need as a Ruby developer. Enscale’s development is feedback-driven and we've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to provide your input and shape Enscale to be your perfect PaaS for Ruby hosting. You can write on our Community Forum, submit a feature request on our website, or simply shoot us an email and we guarantee that your opinions will directly influence our roadmap.

Catering exclusively to Ruby developers allows us to remain laser-focused on delivering improvements and new features that you need to develop and maintain amazing applications in the cloud. 

Does your existing Ruby platform have annoying limitations? Try out Enscale for free and tell us what's missing - maybe it'll already be in our next release.


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